Dezzal tote bag

Hi, everyone! It is Thursday and the weekend is going closer haha. I can confess to you that I feel really happy that the autumn in Seville is pretty warm (and even hot in the afternoon) and still I can wear almost the same clothes like in summer  haha. So today I show you another look […]

Mustard dress

Hi, everyone! Wearing clothes with frills is one of the hot trends this season. And this cute dress I show you today is from Zara new collection.  I felt in love with it from the the first sight, haha! I think is it is perfect for effortless looks and has a lot of ways to combine. Love to wear  it with my […]

Pastel love // Lay..

Hi, everyone! We are in the mid season and the temperature is getting down bit by bit. I still love wearing summer clothes in Fall and layering them could be a good idea to adapt to the mid-season. I used this sheer simple dress as a base and layered it with a flowing printed nude […]

Metallic colours

Hi, everybody! Today I show you a new look with this beautiful skirt from Guess. Love the light and colour effect on it and the metallic floral print is gorgeous. Definitely metallic colours are between the hot trends this season and you can find a lot of clothes with them. Hope you will like this look […]

Fresh shades

Hi, everybody! I love fresh shades for autumn as well and flower print looks gorgeous all year around. Today I opt for this simple outfit of a blush pink skirt, a white super soft blouse and a pair of nude glossy pumps. A floral clutch is perfect to bloom up a look  (and a day) […]

Velvet Trend Fall ..

Hi, everyone! I am so happy that velvet is one of hottest trends this autumn. I always felt attraction for this luxurious fabric for being wonderfully soft and chic. My favourite are deeper tones like midnight or royal blue or deep red but you can find a lot of different lighter shades this season. If […]

Tendencias de moda..

¡Hola a tod@s! Cada temporada me gusta mucho analizar las nuevas tendencias de moda. Es cuando mi cabeza se llena de montones de ideas y outfits y me imagino cómo me vería yo con cada uno de ellos. ¿Os pasa también algo parecido? Es verdad que no todas las ideas se materializan y se convierten en algún look […]

Long floral dress

Hi, everybody! Why not changing the rules and wearing this long floral dress like a sheer coat? I usually opt for an elegant comfy look and this time put it together with a pair of denim shorts and a simple tee. Not a bad idea, haha? Hope you will like the result and let me […]

Irresistible Me

Hi, everybody! It’s hard to believe that August is finally winding down, but that means that the fall season is right around the corner. Definitely it´s my favourite season and I love it so much. Probably  you have noticed some changes in my appearance haha… When  Irresistible Me contacted  me to review their Remy hair extensions, I felt very curious about this new experience I […]

San Jose beach

Hi, everyone! Hope you are having a great summer and enjoying every moment. Sincerely I try to do this every day (not only on holidays) and be on a mindfulness mode as much as possible. What I really like about it that is a perfect method to develop our senses and feel each moment. Obviously, we need […]